Reasons Why It is Quite Difficult Convincing Students to Purchase Your Products


If your product targets different groups, perhaps you might find it difficult to convince students in a university. You need to analyse what they want and understand their purchasing behaviour to help come up with ads that work well for them. Determining why it is not easy for them to spend their money to buy a product is crucial as you craft your next campaign.

They live on a budget

Most university students do not have a source of income unless they work part-time while studying. They live either on scholarships or allowances given by parents. They are thoughtful in determining how to spend their money; otherwise, they will not have enough to live on.

They are all about their image

These students will not buy shoes or clothes that are not hip or cool. They are trying to project an image around the campus. If they show that they do not have good taste in fashion, other people might look down on them. They also need to create a brand so that people will remember them. In a sea of thousands of students, it is difficult to stand out.

They understand how marketing works

It might take a few sweet words and a catchy tag line to convince some groups of people to purchase your products. You need to do more if you are targeting university students. These are smart people. They might also understand how marketing works. They can see if you are trying to give lame reasons to buy your products. If you are not authentic enough for them, they will start finding other options.

They follow trends

Most businesses today are in search of a viral moment. They want people to talk about their products. It is their chance of making themselves known to their target group. University students, for instance, will most likely consider buying items that are trendy. Some of them are willing to spend more if it means they belong to the trend. Once your product becomes trendy, it is easy for people to feel influenced to buy one too.

They need to know your advocacy

These days, young consumers are quite particular about the impact of your actions on the environment. They are unsupportive of companies that do not have programmes to save the environment or environment-friendly practices at work. They also do not support companies that have questionable manufacturing processes like chocolate factories that support slavery in Africa, or luxury bags manufactured by kids in China.

Given these reasons, you need to take extra steps to advertise successfully to them. You also need help from experts like Raptor student marketing. They know students well. They understand how you could succeed in hitting this elusive market group. You will then create an ad campaign that works for the students. It takes time to convince students to buy your product, but you will eventually get there. Keep working hard and show your products are worthy.


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